In today’s world, human beings are constantly exposed to natural and unnatural forms of allergens. In fact, it is estimated that between one-quarter and one-third of people have some form of allergy. Regular medicines like antihistamines and steroids typically only suppress allergic reactions. In most cases, they are also known to give rise to a few known and unknown side effects as well. This is one reason why many people are increasingly turning towards naturopathy as a remedy for allergies. With a more natural form of healing and minimum side effects, naturopathy seems to be a perfect solution for many allergy sufferers. So how does naturopathy work on allergies?

Before understanding how naturopathy can help cure allergies, it is imperative to know that there are precisely three main kinds of allergies:

  • Environmental or inhalant allergies – Caused due to environmental factors like pollen, dust, animal dander, etc.
  • Food allergies – caused due to the body’s allergic reaction to a specific type of food. For example a nut allergy or gluten allergy
  • Chemical sensitivities – Allergic reaction to several artificially manufactured substances such as food additives, specific medications, household cleaners, detergents, etc.

Allergies are usually over-reactions of the body to one of the above three types of substances that ideally should not trigger a reaction in the body. What happens is that these substances are misinterpreted as a threat by the body and what mounts is a strong immune defence reaction. Allergies are not a sign of a weak immune system, they are a sign of a hyper-reactive immune system. Simply boosting the immune system does not work to solve allergy issues.

The way naturopath approaches allergies is by determining what is out of balance in the body and by correcting it with natural supplements and diet. A naturopath first determines which food sensitivities a patient may have. Food-related sensitivities are usually associated with the consumption of wheat, dairy and sugar in a majority of people. People usually feel tired and achy after consuming these types of substances. The second step is to focus on digestion. Your naturopath will ensure that digestive balance is restored in your body by supplementing the right kind of natural food that promotes healthy gut flora and will ask you to eliminate the possible irritants that will damage your digestive process. The next step will be detoxification. Once your naturopath has eliminated all the substances that can trigger an allergic reaction from your diet, they will proceed to ensure that you have a potent combination of the right nutrients that will help you to effectively resolve certain allergic reactions and reduce the toxic burden on your body.

Although most allergy symptoms can be treated by suppressing the symptoms with antihistamines or natural alternatives, it is not a long-lasting cure for the allergy problem. For a more permanent solution, it is important to undergo a comprehensive identification and treatment of the underlying allergy triggers. Usually, allergic reactions are a sign that your body is beginning to accumulate toxins and thus a more natural method of toxin expulsions and restoring body balance is needed. With a panel of naturopathy doctors and diet experts with Vancouver’s leading Naturopathic Clinic, Kinetic Patterns, you can get all your questions regarding allergies and any other health problems answered. Talk to our naturopath panel today for sound advice on how to cure allergies with naturopathy.