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Healing every night means we wake up in a good mood, happy, hopeful, curious, engaged and pain-free. We don’t go to the doctor because there’s no reason to.

Not healing means your life is full of trips to the doctor, small or large health issues and mental anguish.

I want to show you how to fix your sleep, not just for the next few days or months, but for the rest of your life!

RightSleep® is an innovative approach for sleep repair. Using vitamins that are readily available at any pharmacy, you can improve your sleep disorder, whether it’s insomnia, chronic fatigue or apnea. All it takes is commitment, patience and a willingness to listen to your body. Vitamins don’t just magically fix your sleep. Sleep puts us into “repair mode”, and the vitamins are the building blocks we use to make those repairs. Once you understand what is wrong with your sleep, and how to improve it, you will be able to live the life that you deserve. Reduce your headaches, improve your anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and many other chronic illnesses.

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The RightSleep® Program was developed by Neurologist and Sleep Specialist Dr. Stasha Gominak. 

Dr. Gominak developed this program after experience with thousands of sleep patients over many years. She found that all of her patients with sleep disorders were deficient in Vitamin D. When Vitamin D levels were optimized, they began to sleep normally again. Not only did their sleep improve, but chronic complaints such as pain and migraines started to go away as well. 

The other discovery Dr. Gominak made after treating thousands of sleep patients was that our good gut bacteria require Vitamin D to thrive, and in return they make B-vitamins that are essential to our sleep and overall health. By optimizing Vitamin D levels and supplementing specific B-vitamins for a period of time, the good gut bacteria return and both sleep and digestive disorders resolve.

How Does The RightSleep® Program Work?

Step 1: Test Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 levels 

  • Once we know your baseline Vitamin D levels, we recommend a starting Vitamin D dose for 1 month
  • If Vitamin B12 levels are low, additional B12 supplement is recommended
  • Depending on your baseline Vitamin D levels, a Vitamin B-Complex may be added in for 3 months in order to feed the growth of beneficial gut bacteria

Step 2: Re-test Vitamin D levels after 1 month

  • Depending on the levels of this follow up test, a specific Vitamin D dosage regimen is established

Step 3: Re-test Vitamin D levels after 3 months

  • At this point we can accurately track and predict how your body responds to Vitamin D supplementation
  • Most people can stop their B-Complex at this point, as the good gut bacteria have returned and will be producing sufficient amounts on B-vitamins

Step 4: Re-test Vitamin D levels at the end of winter and the end of summer

  • These tests will determine how efficiently your body produces Vitamin D from sun exposure