At Kinetic Patterns the dental approach is focused to identify the root cause of illnesses by utilizing the perpetuating factors that are pertinent to the patient’s situation and instilling preventative measures to help mitigate future issues and focus on overall well-being.

Dr. Elmajian will spend the initial consultation helping the patient understand their health issues through teaching about restoring health and how to properly promote awareness of well-being. During the consultation appointment, Dr. Elmajian will dive into the perpetuating factors (see below) and always welcomes questions and participation. Communication is extremely important to get your health in good standing and we encourage this as part of the learning process.

The initial consultation will cover gathering information on your present and past health issues and devise a specified biocompatible dental/medical treatment plan. The plan is generally broken into 3-phases all with varying lengths and approach that are different for each individual. It’s our mission to instill the best methods of treatment that meets our patient’s needs. Dr. Elmajian will explain your present condition, anticipated treatment plan and the associated fees.

Please come prepared with the following to the initial consultation:

  • Carefully fill out new patient intake form and questionnaire before your initial appointment
  • For physical therapies, wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a tank top and shorts to change into for treatment
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes
  • Bring dental x-rays and any lab results from the last 12 months, if available

Please call direct to book Biological dental or TMJ appointments 604-876-1150