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| Dr. Ara Elmajian D.D.S.

Dr. Ara Elmajian, the owner of Kinetic Patterns, has practised dentistry in Vancouver, British Columbia since receiving his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Alberta in 1975. Since graduation he has studied and worked extensively in the fields of chronic illness, head, neck and face pain and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. He has also completed postgraduate work in the fields of orthodontics and prosthodontics.

Dr. Elmajian received his Certification as a Biological Dentist in October 2010. His practice consists of biological dentistry as well as the management of chronic pain and illness.

Dr. Elmajian has been an advocate for detoxification for many years and recommends and guides his patients through proper protocols suited to their needs. He has extensively studied and adopted the powerful field of homotoxicology and uses homeopathic remedies to support a person’s own healing abilities.

Dr. Elmajian has also been involved in research in the fields of myofascial and neural therapy. He was one of the first in these fields to use homeopathic remedies along with local anaesthetic for various required injections. He discovered the revolutionary technique of intraoesseous neural therapy (I.O.N.T.). This has proven to be a valuable tool in the diagnosis of jaw cavitation and in numerous other treatment applications.

Dr. Elmajian works closely with his team of biological dentists, medical and naturopathic physicians and his traditional Chinese medical practitioner to provide his clients with a complete and supportive approach to their health care concerns as well as their dental needs.

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| Dr. Saul Pilar B.A. SC., M.D.

Dr. Pilar holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Medicine from the University of Toronto. Most of his postgraduate education is from his colleagues, international work and from his patients. His teachers include Prof. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Laureate.

He likes using engineering principles in treating allergy, pain, anti-aging, chronic symptoms, mind-body healing, toxicity, clinical nutrition, hormones, clinical hypnosis, orthomolecular, integrative and functional medicine. His techniques include injections such as allergy, prolotherapy, nutrients and medications. Treatment is often faster as is the combination of conventional and complementary.

Four decades and more than 100,000 patients’ worth of experience allows him to provide second opinions on difficult cases. In addition, he has provided pro bono medical work in an underserved Central American community.

Outside of the clinic Dr. Pilar enjoys food, hiking, cycling, music, dancing, spiritual and art traditions.

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| Dr. Jeni Lim Dr. of T.C.M.

Dr. Jeni Lim worked in Indonesia as a GP for 10 years before moving to Canada. She is a professional licensed Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. Jeni has been working with us at Kinetic Patterns for over 20 years.

Her diverse medical background ranges from acupuncture, (including facial rejuvenation and auriculotherapy), to Chinese herbs and cupping treatments. She is also trained and proficient in Low Dose Allergen therapy (LDA), Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI), Oxidative Therapy (including ozone insufflation) and Laser Therapy for pain relief and beautification. Jeni has also completed official training of the Mold Literacy course focusing on illnesses created by mold exposure.

Dr. Lim combines both eastern and western knowledge to treat physical symptoms as well as the psycho-spiritual aspects of her patient’s condition. Her focus is on enhancing one’s natural beauty by balancing health on the deepest levels while restoring and maintaining each individual’s sense of personal well-being.