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Effectively relieving feelings of stress and fatigue will make your days that much brighter. If you need effective solutions that will lower stress and help your body rest, here are several naturopathic remedies that are sure to help.

Chamomile Tea

On top of relaxing your muscles and calming your mind, chamomile helps to reduce anxiety and improve symptoms of insomnia. As it’s most commonly consumed in tea form, chamomile also decreases headaches and improves your digestion.


The smell of lavender alone is enough to promote anxiety and stress relief. Whether you put a few drops into your bath or a diffuser, that’s all you need to achieve total relaxation.

Going Gluten-Free

Your chronic fatigue might be a side effect of celiac disease, as the disorder that prevents your body from digesting gluten oftentimes drains your energy. If you think you might have celiac disease, then get rid of all sources of gluten within your diet and monitor whether or not your energy levels improve.


Not working through chronic fatigue by exercising will increase your risk of weight gain, muscle weakness, organ weakness and make you feel even more tired. Being active is also a great way to relieve stress. Start off small and work your endurance up over time.

Kava Root

A highly effective herb for stress relief, kava root not only reduces symptoms of anxiety, but it treats anxious thoughts as well. The root has a calming effect, working to eliminate restlessness, stress, and sleeplessness on top of anxiety. It also helps to eliminate muscle tension and muscle spasms.


When stress and fatigue hit you during the day, meditating or taking a few deep breaths will do your body some good. To feel more engaged with your body, try tensing and releasing your muscles, working from your feet up towards your head. Doing so will allow your body to reach a state of relaxation that clears your mind.


Derived from green tea, theanine is a well-known stress reliever, as it’s quickly absorbed into the body and reaching the brain cells at incredible speeds. Not only does it help you deal with stress, but theanine also promotes calmness, supports brain health and improves cognitive function.

Lemon Balm

Studies show that lemon balm is effective in relieving anxiety, stress and other mood disorders. A single dose at 600 mg of lemon balm per day for one week showed a boost in alertness and calmness.

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