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In early April, Kinetic Pattern’s very own, Saul Pilar attended the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Now Conference held at the Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC. 
Regarded as ‘Canada’s biggest tradeshow’, CHFA Now is a conference dedicated to natural, organic and wellness products. Thousands of retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and brokers from across the country participate to network, discover business opportunities, gain insights from the lineup of expert conference speakers, and help shape the future of natural, organic and wellness products.
Some of Saul Pilar’s top pics are mentioned below. If you want more information on the conference, visit CHFA’s website here. If you would like to discuss the products listed below, please call us at 604-876-1150 to book a consultation with our health consultant, Saul Pilar.
Dr. Pilar’s top pics (and comments) from CHFA Now:
Hee-Haw HorseRadish, my favourite and best in the province from Victoria, BC. Clean ingredients and naturally hot.  
Nut butters are many and mostly similar. So, what is new is there are exceptionally silky smooth butters for foodies and connoisseurs by the company, NutJar. You need to taste it to believe it.
Bone Broth suppliers have exploded as of late and so has the demand. Products in Liquid, frozen liquid or powder form can all be found. The most unique in my opinion is, Shorba - a local company that includes ayurvedic spices and excludes common food allergens.
Mushroom products are quickly moving into the mainstream in both culinary and medicinal industries. Two companies that stood out for me were Optimi Health and Eversio.
Kinetic Patterns will look to add Optimi Health products to our pharmacy in the near future.

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