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Living with asthma can be difficult, especially for children, because an asthma attack can happen at any moment and is a condition that can be scary. A naturopathic approach can make a real difference and decrease the cause of inflammation to eliminate the need for inhalers and treat the problem from the root. 

Asthma is a medical condition and an attack happens when the lungs or air passages are affected. One of the most common types of conventional treatments is rescue inhalers, which traditional doctors will prescribe. While they can be lifesaving, these treatments do come with a few dangers, which is why a naturopathic approach is worth considering as it is an effective way of treating this condition. 

Natural remedies are not only effective at addressing the root cause of asthma but are completely safe as well. Additionally, they help reduce the severity of the attacks and the number of times they occur. Eliminating environmental toxins is a great place to start, especially to reduce asthma attacks. Many people cannot tolerate these toxins which is why their body may not be able to detox it, resulting in allergies and asthma attacks. Mold can be present both indoors and outdoors and can be found in clothing, pets, shoes, bags and many other objects. In order to eliminate mold, you can consider removing the carpeting from your home, using an air purifier, washing clothes and surfaces regularly and fixing any leaky pipes that are causing the buildup of moisture that will encourage fungal growth. 

Improving your diet can also help with asthma and eating wholesome meals, which will reduce lung-related inflammation; resulting in a decrease in the number of asthma attacks a person has. Eggs, dairy and wheat are known to be potential allergens, which is why it’s important for asthmatics to stay away from those foods to improve their condition. Fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet because they will reduce inflammation and help keep you healthy. 

Breathing exercises are also known to help reduce the severity of asthma attacks, so it’s very important to learn breathing techniques to know how to react whenever an attack comes along. Many children start to breathe harder and faster when they are having an asthma attack which is the result of fear, however, this is can make the situation worse. Knowing the right breathing techniques will help a person deal with their asthma while decreasing their need to reach for their inhaler. 

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