Acupuncture Services

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient technique that involves placing sterile glass cups with suction along certain points on the body. Heat is used to produce the suction effect, which increases blood flow to the area.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is a result of stagnation. Cupping therapy helps remove stagnation by promoting blood flow. Cupping may also reduce inflammation and enhance immune function.

Cupping therapy is popular amongst athletes, such as Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, as well as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cupping Therapy Indications

  • Neck or back pain
  • Headache and migraine
  • Muscle tension or sore muscles following training
  • Immune support

Cupping therapy is safe and effective, however it can leave marks where the cups were placed that dissipate in the following days.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs

Dr. Jeni Lim utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas to support healing for a variety of conditions. These formulas can be used either on their own or in conjunction with acupuncture to enhance the effect.

Each substance in TCM herbology has a well-defined set of attributes, such as taste, action, direction, meridians it influences and more. Ingredients are carefully selected and combined to address a patient’s distinct pattern of disharmony. TCM formulas can be as simple as one herb, or can be a complex combination of up to twenty substances.

Classical Pearls are unique Chinese herbal formulations designed for the treatment of chronic diseases in modern-day practice. Directly sourced from farmers and wild-crafters in traditional growing locations, grown and processed using traditional techniques, and thoroughly tested for purity.


Auriculotherapy also known as modern ear acupuncture is a comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment for a vast number of medical conditions including addictions such as drug, alcohol or smoking, depression and other emotional issues and chronic pain of many different origins to name a very few.

Although ear acupuncture originated in China, centuries ago, it was in the early 1950’s, in Europe that new insight led to new discoveries and a much more sophisticated system of diagnosing and delivering treatment via the external ear. It was a French physician, Dr. Nogier who realized that there was a correspondence between areas on the auricle or projected part of the external ear and specific body systems. More notably, Dr. Nogier recognized that the external ear represented an inverted fetus whose anatomical points related to specific counterparts of the body.

If there is a disturbance or problem involving a given area of the body, the corresponding ear point will be “reactive” thereby manifesting increased tenderness and electrical conductivity as compared to adjacent areas of the ear. Very crucial to accurate diagnosis is noticing the change of radial pulse when different points on the external ear are tested. Properly trained in auricular therapy a practitioner can pinpoint accurately dysfunction and pathology in most of the body’s systems.

The nerves in the skin of the ear correspond to specific parts of the brain, which in turn have connection to specific parts of the body. Stimulation of the reactive ear points via acupuncture needles can balance many forms of stress, dysfunction or pain in the body. It is an effective, quick and painless form of treatment.

This system of health care has been used effectively for thousands of years in Asia, and is practiced in accordance with the highest standards. Acupuncture works on the electrical system of the body, and by regulating energy meridians, can prevent and cure many conditions.

Acupuncture is a safe, effective treatment for natural healing of a wide array of disorders without the toxic effects of many modern medications. The main objective of acupuncture treatment is to relieve pain and other symptoms, strengthen the immune system and balance, harmonize and integrate functions of the organs with each other, making for a unified, healthy person.

Disposable, sterile acupuncture needles are fine and flexible, no bigger in diameter than a human hair or a piece of thread. When the needle makes contact with the Qi (energy) most patients experience a slight tingling sensation. Depending on the patient’s condition a treatment can last between 30 to 90 minutes.