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Doctor’s Advice

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Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is an efficacious procedure for treating chronic pain and illness. This technique utilizes injecting local anesthetics into subcutaneous zones, scars, muscles, lymph tissue, periosteum, autonomic ganglia, joints, epidural space, intraoral points and intraosseous areas. There are many different applications of Neural Therapy providing a vast array of favorable treatment options for a variety of conditions. ...

Perpetuating Factors of Disease

Stress is a general term we all can identify with. Yet, the various forms of stress may not be readily recognizable. Some forms can be downright dangerous to your health. Can you tell the difference between normal and unhealthy stress? ...

Regulation and Homeostasis

Understanding and influencing the regulation of our homeostasis amidst our constantly changing environment, has been the main objective of my dental/medical practice since the early 1980’s and is still the basis for most of our tests and treatments. ...