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A Naturopathic Solution To Stress And Chronic Fatigue

Effectively relieving feelings of stress and fatigue will make your days that much brighter. If you need effective solutions that will lower stress and help your body rest, here are several naturopathic remedies that are sure to help. Chamomile Tea On top of relaxing your muscles and calming your mind, chamomile helps to reduce anxiety ...

How Can A Naturopath Help Me With Allergies?

In today’s world, human beings are constantly exposed to natural and unnatural forms of allergens. In fact, it is estimated that between one-quarter and one-third of people have some form of allergy. Regular medicines like antihistamines and steroids typically only suppress allergic reactions. In most cases, they are also known to give rise to a ...

Myofascial Pain and Perpetuating Factors

Myofascial pain is a result of trigger points (areas of tension) in the muscles and fascia. The trigger points can be caused by repetitive motions, tension, and stress and can cause referred pain to other areas in the body. ...