Myofascial Pain and Perpetuating Factors

In the 1980’s I had the great fortune to meet and study with Dr. Janet Travell M.D. She was a pioneer in the field of diagnosing and treating myofascial pain. Myofascial pain is a result of trigger points (areas of tension) in the muscles and fascia. The trigger points can be caused by repetitive motions, tension, and stress and can cause referred pain to other areas in the body.

Under Dr. Travell’s mentorship I became aware of the underlying perpetuating factors affecting myofascial pain and still today believe this to be one of the most significant aspects of treating pain and health problems in general.

If you have been suffering from chronic or unresolved myofascial (muscle) pain or other health problems it is important for you to identify those factors that may be perpetuating your condition and impeding your treatment success.

There is a long list of them and they can be physical (poor occlusion, poor posture), nutritional (vitamin deficiencies), hormonal, emotional (stress, depression) and many others.

As an example – sleep impairment is becoming a common complaint in a growing number of the population. One particular and mounting problem in this area is a deficiency in Vitamin D. Stasha Gominak worked as a general neurologist before retiring in 2016 to focus on teaching medical professionals more about the role Vitamin D plays in sleep and general health. Learn more about Right Sleep and the treatments available.

A consultation with any of our doctors and some follow up diagnostic tests will reveal if there are underlying perpetuating factors that should be considered. It could be one of your keys  to obtaining optimal health.