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Natural Treatment for Endometriosis
by Doctor Melanie MacIver

There are many great herbs and nutrition tips for endometriosis. Endometrial tissue grows in the presence of estrogen, so balancing estrogen and progesterone is the foundation of treatment, with a bit of immune and pelvic circulation support.  I recommend a hormone test to measure the estrogen and progesterone levels, specifically the 24 hr. urine hormone test.  An immune work up may also be indicated, including testing for auto-immunity.

Treatment Goals:

Increase liver clearance of estrogen:

  • eat at least one large serving a day of brassica family (broccoli etc) or supplement with DIM 2 x day
  • calcium d glucurate 500 mg 2 x day
  • freshly ground flax seeds 2 tbsp daily
  • B6 250 mg/ day
  • herbs to support phase 2 detox of the liver- milk thistle, rosemary, schizandra (I like medi-herb liv-co)

Reduce estrogen exposure from environment:

  • organic food and pure water (pesticides and conventional animal products may contain synthetic estrogens)
  • no birth control pills
  • natural cleaners/ cosmetics
  • natural feminine hygiene products

Support progesterone production with vitex herb or bio-identical progesterone cream (use hormone creams only after testing) as progesterone balances estrogen.

Anti inflammatory support for the uterus (curcumin, boswellia, fish oils, neural therapy)

Uterine Tonic Herbs like Dong Quai.  Taken at least the week before menses can reduce pain and endometrial inflammation as Dong Quai is an antispasmotic, and helps with circulation to the pelvis and moves blood stagnation.  This herb combines nicely with Calendula for healing and lymphatic support.

Adrenal Support especially for those under a lot of stress

Food allergy testing or elimination diet can help reduce inflammation and pain.  Wheat and dairy are the biggest offenders, and removing them often decreases symptoms.

If excess bleeding is present use herbs to reduce bleeding, and test for hemoglobin and ferritin status

Treat candida if present as there is an association with candida and endo


  • jo-annrobson says:

    Thank you Dr Maclver, There are so many women that come through my studio who need this knowledge. Their Doctors do not seem to understand how to support their female clients at all in this area. I know we can save more women from becoming statistics of uterine cancer then on to breast cancer & so on & so on. Women need to be empowered with this knowledge so that they can have a voice out there & be heard from at all levels of media exposure including female parliament members.

    I would like to know how you determine who should be on testosterone, what are the benefits. What would be the best testing -through blood work, saliva, urine?
    Pregnanalone same as above and dhea.

  • doctor melanie says:

    Thanks jo-ann. let’s keep spreading the good word, one lady at a time!
    As for testing, it depends if you have already taken hormones. If you have not- DHEA: blood, saliva or urine are all good tests
    Testosterone: blood and urine for sure (women and men) I don’t have a lot of experience with saliva but many use it. It can help with energy, muscle mass, drive, and confidence. IN a woman I rarely recommend it, only after the other hormones are balanced and something is still off.
    Pregnanolone: can help with building all hormones when all are low, and is very calming. I use it when adrenals (cortisol and DHEA) are low on saliva, blood or urine testing. this can be a complicated topic, feel free to ask me later and I can give you more info