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Stressed or Emotional? Try a Nervous System Tonic!
by Doctor Melanie MacIver

Natural Treatment for Stress and Anxiety

Today’s lifestyle can be quite hectic.  Deadlines, working moms, high debt loads and internal pressure are just a few things new to our culture. Even if you take the time for yoga, meditation, and exercise, your body may be feeling the effects of stress. Stress affects everyone differently; for some it may be insomnia or anxiety, others may get tight muscles or digestive problems.  The nervous system is in charge of every action of our bodies, so any symptom we experience may be due to or exacerbated by nervous system distress.
The good news is there are wonderful plants that can help us deal with stress.  These herbs not only soothe symptoms, but over time can balance cortisol and DHEA (stress hormones) to heal the body.
I love giving people these nervous system tonics, they really feel better when they take them.  Of all the remedies I prescribe, they are the most popular.  These herbal tonics help with sleep, mood and energy, and are safe when pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you would like to try a personalized nervous system tonic, book in with one of our naturopathic doctors today!

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