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My Thyroid Balancing Philosophy
by Doctor Melanie MacIver

I love working with the thyroid.  I think it is quite poorly treated conventionally, so being able to offer my patients something different is really rewarding. I like to begin with a proper assessment. If my patients have any symptoms of low thyroid I like to run a full thyroid panel (includes free T3 and T4, TPO) and do body temperature testing. 

I prescribe a variety of different thyroid medications, including glandular thyroid (Erfa or compounded), T3, sustained release T3, and T4.  I also use many herbs, homeopathics, and nutritional medicine in my thyroid treatments.

Some issues I usually like to consider when dealing with the thyroid are:

Autoimmunity (are their thyroid antibodies present) 

Nutritional status/ Digestive health

Progesterone vs estrogen levels in women

Iron stores

Heavy metals or other toxicity

Chronic infections

For Hashimoto’s patients I focus on the immune system, not just the thyroid.  I am using an exciting injection therapy called LDA to decrease autoimmune reactions for Hashimoto’s and other autoimmunity. I do this in conjunction with my other thyroid treatments. 

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