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Low Dose Iodine Prevents Deficiency and Reduces Radiation Uptake
by Doctor Melanie MacIver

Iodine deficiency is common, and having it predisposes us to greater radioactive iodine uptake.  If our thyroid is hungry for iodine, it will bind more readily to any type of iodine when exposed to it.  If the only iodine around is radioactive iodine, it will absorb more when in a deficient state.

Although the levels of radioactivity found in British Columbia are considered to be very safe, even for children and pregnant women, I am of the opinion that the less radioactivity you absorb the better, no matter what the amount.

Recommended Treatment to Prevent Iodine Deficiency

2 drops of Lugol’s per day in water, for 3-4 weeks, beginning now

Possible Side Effects: rash, intestinal upset, inflammation of the salivary glands

Contraindications: Do not do this treatment if you have a thyroid condition, or are pregnant or nursing, without consulting a doctor first. Discontinue is any side effect occur, and call your doctor.


  • Judy Lea says:

    Hi. I started taking Lugol’s a while ago and stopped (no particular reason – just was taking a lot of other stuff).

    It sounds like, from this article, that I should begin taking it again but you say that I shouldn’t if I have a thyroid condition. I have Hashimoto’s and am being treated with dessicated thyroid. Is it ok for me to take Lugol’s?



    • Doctor Melanie MacIver says:

      Hi Judy. Lugols can be a bit tricky, and should probably involve a personalized consult. It is beneficial for many people, but there is also a small number of people that it can make worse. Iodine can up-regulate the thyroid gland (usually good) but in some people with Hashimoto’s (auto-immune thyroid) increasing the output can potentially increase inflammation and thyroid damage.