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Introduction to Hormone Balancing
by admin

FREE naturopathic evening session on balancing your hormones.

Topics include:

  • Key hormones involved with healthy aging and ideal weight
  • Why many hormones are in disarray today
  • Bio-identical hormones
  • Lifestyle and nutrition tips for hormone balancing

Dr. Melanie MacIver, ND will answer your questions during the Q & A.

Wednesday Oct. 5th, 7 – 8pm at #603 – 805 West Broadway, Vancouver

Invite a friend to attend this free session with you.

Please contact Bonnie at 604 876 1150 to register.

Download the poster


  • Marilyn Jacobson says:

    I only found out about the session after if was over, but would like to be informed about future sessions.

  • Sheila Madge Werner says:

    I dropped into Dr. Ara Elmajian Office today and he told me that Estrogen is very important for women over 30. Well I’m 61 and have known Dr Elmajian since 2002. I’ve had trouble with depression but feel good now. I have gone to his dental office that long and trust his judgement.