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How Clean and Green is Your Home
by admin

Environmental Health Hazards in Your Home

In light of the recent release of radioactive material from the unfortunately damaged nuclear reactors in Japan, I wanted to highlight that though we may not be able to control or avoid exposure to the radioactive materials (see the recent post on iodine recommendations for prevention), there are many ways we can avoid everyday exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, in your home. This is by far the most effective way to reduce the chronic accumulation of chemicals of which we are starting to experience the health effects of and for the most part we can influence what comes in our front door.

Check out this interactive site which shows some common health hazards that might be in your home.  Not only do these products pose a potential health risk to everyone in your home (pets included), but they persist in the environment to effect other organisms and ecosystems long after disposal. There are links from here to the Environmental Working Group site which provides more information on the chemicals and avoidance.

Another great resource for choosing healthy and eco-friendly  products for your home; from cookware to cleaning products and furniture is Adria Vasil’s book Ecoholic.

We have an aromatherapy blend available for purchase from Young Living Aromatherapy called Theives.  It is a concentrated blend of essential oils that can be used diluted and used to clean all sorts of things, and of course there is the reliable and readily available vinegar and water solution.

Happy Spring Cleaning (using vinegar and water of course)

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