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Hormone Balancing Tips
by Doctor Melanie MacIver

Reduce menopause symptoms and restore adrenal fatigue with lifestyle and nutrition tips.

1.  Follow a regular routine. Sleep and eat at the same time every day, as much as possible,  to activate your body’s circadian rhythm. The body’s natural rhythms are regulated by the hormones cortisol and melatonin. Following a routine helps our body to release these hormones at the right time, which is the cornerstone of good hormonal balance.

2. Sleep in a totally dark room. Totally dark. This supports good melatonin production.

3. Go outside in the morning. This helps to tell our body it is day, which increases melatonin at night time.

4. Take herbs to support your liver. The liver is responsible for detoxifying our hormones.  My favorite liver herbs are rosemary, schizandra and milk thistle, found in Mediherb’s Liv-co, which supports the liver and clears out excess estrogen.

5. Eat freshly ground flax seeds 5X week. They are an excellent source of good fats and toxin binding fiber.  They may also help with hot flashes when used regularly. Use liberally, at least a heaping tbsp.

6. Consider a probiotic. Help your digestive tract with happy bugs. This is especially important if you have taken many antibiotics, have digestive problems, or signs of estrogen excess (see December 2010 newsletter article)

7. Take an anti inflammatory herb if you have signs of inflammation. Some of my favorites are turmeric, resveratrol, boswelia, and chamomile

8. Eat organic, especially meat and dairy. This reduces xenoestrogens and fat soluble toxins found in conventional meat and dairy.

9. Take a nervous system tonic. This helps with stress and sleep, which helps with hormones.

10. Take vitamin D in the winter

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