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Healthy Breasts For Life
by admin

Take the Daily Breast Massage Challenge

Imagine a world where every mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt or sister has healthy breasts for life.  Imagine a world, where breast milk is pure and free from synthetic and toxic chemicals, where our children are born free from chemical impurities, where our wombs are safe havens for the miraculous embryological process to unfold.
Sat Dharam Kaur an Ontario based Naturopathic Physician started the movement in women’s health many many years ago, with a focus on Breast Health, empowering women with knowledge and tools to improve their state of health. One of my colleagues and actually the woman who was my first Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Monkia Herwig is a cofounder for a great movement in Women’s Health which started in Canmore, Alberta. The Pink and Green Ribbon Campaign (Love your Planet, Love your Body, Love your Life) is a movement dedicated to increasing awareness about your body and the role our environment plays in the health. They focus on ways to make changes both in your own life, your home and if you feel so inspired, in your community. Check this out and stay tuned for our own workshop on “Keeping the Girls” nice and healthy.

Take the Daily Breast Self-Massage Challenge!  It will take you 2 minutes each day, which you can accomplish in the bath, shower or before bed.  Have fun with it, and if you so desire, teach your partner to do it with your or for you.

  1. Place your hands on either side of your neck and gently move the skin back and down towards your collarbone.  Do this 15 times
  2. Place the palm of your hand under your underarm and gently pump your armpit.  The movement is lightly up toward your shoulder and in towards your body.  Do this 15 times.
  3. With soft hands use the flat surface of three or four fingers to make small semi-circles around the outerpart of your breasts working inward until you reach the areola. Do not press hard.  The pressure is very gentle, like you would stroke a young kitten.
  4. With your hands cupped around your breast, gently pull your breast away from the chest wall and move your breasts in a circular or up and down movement.  This allows breast generated lymph fluid to drain into the retro mammary space and out through the external lymph tubules in the axilla.
  5. If you do find a lump, do not try to massage it away. You might irritate it.  Eighty percent of all breast lumps are benign, but it is important to bring any lump to your health care professional’s attention.

Instructions taken from The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, by Sat Dharam Kaur, ND

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