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Do I need a referral to see any of the doctors at Kinetic Patterns clinic?

No referrals are necessary.

I am not sure which practitioner I should be seeing?

Our friendly, well informed reception staff can help get you started with a consultation based on your concerns and health issues. Following the initial appointment the doctor involved will be able to recommend a treatment plan for you that may involve you seeing one or more of our other doctors. You can also read about our doctors and many of our services on our website

What is the cost of an initial consultation?

Consultations cost between $75 – $150 depending on the length of time required and based on individual situations.

How many treatments will I require?

As everyone has a unique set of health issues with varying degrees of severity a consultation would be necessary to determine that.

Are any of the services at Kinetic Patterns Clinic covered by MSP?

No. Extended health care plans may however cover a certain number of acupuncture and naturopathic visits.

I was in an accident, will ICBC cover my treatments?

Although you may have a claim with ICBC and they may eventually cover some of your medical treatments we do not deal with third party insurances. You would be responsible for paying for your treatments after each appointment.

What is Naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease may be seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body. Each doctor may have their own slightly unique approach to healing, but they all have the same philosophy, which follow the naturopathic principals.

What conditions does Naturopathic medicine treat and what types of treatments do they use?

Naturopathic doctors can treat virtually all health conditions and people of all ages.

Naturopathic doctors use herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, physical medicine, Chinese medicine / acupuncture, hydrotherapy, lifestyle counseling, pharmaceuticals when appropriate, IV therapies and other injection therapies.

Can naturopathic doctors write prescriptions?

Yes, ND’s have recently obtained licensing for basic prescription writing including bioidentical hormones, antibiotics, antifungals, cardiovascular medications, antidepressants and more. ND’s often will try to use herbal or homeopathic therapies before prescribing, and believe in using the lowest effective dose for the least amount of time. ND’s can also help patients come off of their medications while supporting them with more natural ones where appropriate.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

TCM is an ancient, holistic and complete system of medicine that has been used effectively for thousands of years in Asia. As opposed to a more Western approach which tends to focus on specific symptoms, the TCM approach focuses on the whole body and bringing it into balance. It involves a combination of acupuncture therapy, the use of Chinese herbs, nutrition, Qigong or Tai Chi movements and the relationship between emotions and the organs.

What is acupuncture?

The main objective of acupuncture treatment is to relieve pain and other symptoms, strengthen the immune system and balance, harmonize and integrate functions of the organs with each other making for a unified, healthy person. This is done by inserting very fine needles or applying heat or electrical stimulation at precise acupuncture points along the energy meridians.

What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical approach to treating chronic pain due to ligament and tendon injury or instability. It is a very specific and helpful treatment for many types of musculoskeletal pain in numerous areas of the body. In many cases it can resolve the problem and eliminate the need for frequent and continuous anti-inflammatory medication and extreme steps such as surgery.

Can Kinetic Patterns clinic address my whiplash injury?

Yes we have a unique, holistic approach to successfully treat simple to complex whiplash type injuries which restores range of motion, addresses and alleviates pain all while supporting the body nutritionally and without pharmaceuticals.