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Are you in Peri-menopause? Symptoms begin during regular menses
by Doctor Melanie MacIver

Three of nine changesĀ can confirm that you areĀ perimenopausal even if your flow is still regular:

1.Shorter cycles (25 days or less);

2.Increased cramps;

3.Heavier flow;

4.Increased trouble sleeping-especially waking up in the middle of sleep;

5.New or increased migraine headaches;

6.Night sweats-especially if they tend to occur before or during flow;

7.An increase in or new premenstrual mood swings;

8.New sore, enlarging or nodular breasts; and

9.Weight gain without changes in what you eat or the exercise you do.

Peri-menopause is a midlife transition with higher and erratic estrogen levels.

Menopause is a fairly stable life phase with normally low estrogen and progesterone levels that begins one year after their last menstrual flow.


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